This type of dispenser involves the simple proportioning of ingredients from a cup to a 5 gallon container. The BATCHMETRIX comes standard with 6 ingredient capability. The BATCHMETRIX utilizes a high performance scale (intrinsically-safe) to accurately ratio ingredients.

A typical use would be to ratio 2-component paints which combine a resin base with a catalyst in the proper ratio. A standard BATCHMETRIX could ratio up to 5 Resin colors plus the catalyst.

Another use would be to ratio up to 6 ingredients to produce a finished batch of a single formula.


  • Blend any material in any size batch

  • Speed in dispensing without compromising accuracy

  • Completely customizable

  • Easy to clean stainless steel structure & surface

  • Software that contains all historical data

  • Multi-Mode dispense capabilities

Uses Include:

  • Paint manufacturing and tinting

  • Wood stains and varnish

  • Adhesives manufacturing

  • Chemical blending and custom formulation

  • Ink manufacturing and tinting

  • Textile dyes manufacturing and tinting


"Our electric-driven, positive-displacement pumps preclude the stalling, surging, and noise of our competitors' pneumatic-diaphragm pumps."