Automated Dispensing in Biomedical Fields

As we move into 2017, one of the most recent trends in automated dispensing is in the biomedical industry.  We see companies striving to create mixtures within very tight tolerances, and the search for precision equipment has stimulated a wave of interest.  “There is a need for accuracy in mixing, as well as expertise in designing the dispensing systems and the controlled environment to house the process.  Over the past couple years, we are seeing a rise in customers reaching out from the research and development industries.  Our Gravimetrix Dispenser is a perfect match for this process.  An Industrial Dispense Machine for custom solvent based formulations integrated into an NFPA approved “MixRoom”, can be the answer to not only production improvements, but employee safety.”

~ Michael McLaughlin, Sales Engineer

Custom Aerosol Paints...Case Study Highlight

Producers of aerosol paints typically deal with color palettes in the thousands. They support almost all the automotive and industrial colors which have been produced.  The batch sizes can be a 4 pack of aerosol cans to a large run of a thousand cans of a color. The colors are formulated, agitated, filtered and then a special machine loads the batch into the aerosol cans.  See our Case Studies page to read more...