A customer in heavy truck vehicle production, currently has several “manual cut-in” zones which precede the robotic Painting Zones. In the manual zones, operators leave the booth to get the resin color and mix it with the appropriate catalyst for the 3:1 required ratio, pour it into their cup guns, return to the spray booth and spray the catalyzed paint.
This customer wishes to eliminate mixture mistakes and provide the manual booth sprayers with a dispenser to ratio the resin/catalyst direct into the cup guns. This customer would also like to eliminate the operators leaving the paint booth, so the system must be capable of being installed directly inside the paint booth.


Engineering Discovery at customer site: 

  • System must be Class 1 / Division 1 compatible for installation due to this being solvent borne materials.

  • System must be solvent wash-down compatible.

  • Operator interface must be intrinsically-safe and solvent impervious.



Our Solution:
The Gravimetrix with intrinsically safe operator interface option

The Gravimetrix system was comprised of a 6 Nozzle Dispense station (5 Resin Colors + 1 Catalyst) positioned above a high resolution scale. A remote installed control enclosure (in the safe area outside the paint booth) houses the controller, and is cabled through the paint booth wall to the dispenser station with an intrinsically-safe operator interface.


  • Few moving or exotic parts, easy maintenance.

  • All wet surfaces of Stainless Steel construction, wash-down compatible.

  • Special solvent impervious intrinsically-safe operator interface.

  • Eliminated the need for operators to leave the booth.

  • Elimination of 2 “paint tender” labor positions.



A Heavy Vehicle manufacturer uses robots to apply finish topcoat color to its’ vehicles. Before the robot paint zone there is a manual paint zone which is used to paint “cut-ins” which are difficult for the robots to reach. The manual sprayers use cup guns with mixed resin/catalyst at the proper ratio to apply the color cut-ins. The paint is proportioned using a Graco Pro-Batch system.

Engineering Discovery at customer site: 

  • The Pro-Batch system has been obsoleted by the manufacturer.
  • Customer uses cup guns to reduce paint waste. No tubing to hold paint supply.
  • The customer desires that the replacement system dispense station with operator interface be installed directly inside the hazardous area manual paint booth. This would save the sprayers from having to constantly exit and enter the zone to retrieve their paint colors.
  • System will need (3) circuits for “high runner” colors, (typically white, black and red), (2) circuits for special colors and (1) circuit for the catalyst which will be dispensed with the color at a 3:1 ratio.
  • The (2) special color circuits will be pumped from 5 gallon buckets. Since these colors will be changed often a pneumatic “color changer” option will be added to the (2) special color circuits. The (3) “high runner” colors and (1) catalyst will be fed to the dispenser from remote large mother tanks re-circulation loops.


Our Solution:
The Batchmetrix

The Batchmetrix system is comprised of a 6 Nozzle Dispense station with a solvent impervious, intrinsically-safe simple operator interface. The Dispense Station can be installed directly inside the paint booth. Care was taken in design to allow for easy cleaning of the Dispense Station of over-spray by utilizing all stainless steel construction.

A separate Main Control Panel which is installed outside the paint booth in the safe area and is cabled through the booth wall to the Dispense Station. Optional push button color changers have been added to the (2) special color circuits


  • Accurate, repeatable batch ratio of 2 component paint mixes.
  • Full Reporting system for all Dispenser functions in a SQL Server database.
  • Simple installation. Requires 110 vac (5 amps) and compressed air.
  • Few moving or exotic parts, easy maintenance.
  • All wet surfaces of Stainless Steel construction.
  • Reduced operator time required.
  • Reduced contamination of paint outside the booth from operator traffic with the previous system.
  • Meets all hazardous area Class 1 / Division 1 codes.