The VOLUMETRIX dispenser can handle up and over 60 ingredients with countless formulations. It will provide large volume, and is fast dispensing, without compromising the accuracy you desire.  Our dispense station components can be combined to produce a solution for any of your production needs. The VOLUMETRIX will improve your competitive edge.


  • Blend any material in any size batch
  • Speed in dispensing without compromising accuracy
  • Completely customizable
  • Easy to clean stainless steel structure & surface
  • Software that contains all historical data
  • Multi-Mode dispense capabilities

Uses Include:

  • Paint manufacturing and tinting
  • Wood stains and varnish
  • Adhesives manufacturing
  • Chemical blending and custom formulation
  • Ink manufacturing and tinting
  • Textile dyes manufacturing and tinting

"Our electric-driven, positive-displacement pumps preclude the stalling, surging, and noise of our competitors' pneumatic-diaphragm pumps."